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Best Concrete
Cutting & Drilling, LLC

                    What we offer

Core Drilling

If your project requires round holes core drilling is the method of choice. We core drill from ½" to 14" in diameter and up to 52" deep of concrete. Typically servicing but not limited to HVAC openings, plumbing lines, floor drains, man holes, anchor holes, and electrical lines, just to name a few. We also use a method called stitch drilling or coring a series of overlapping holes to produce openings to any size when other methods can not be used.

Slab Sawing Service-

Slab sawing features a walk behind machine with a diamond blade that cuts up to 5" deep of concrete on horizontal flat surfaces such as floors, slabs, and pavements. Our professional core drilling and cutting specialist preform outstanding work and always make sure the job is completed and clean.